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  • You know this feeling. You've been busy all day and then hurry home because 10 things still need to be done. Imagine driving along the beach in that rush. And on the beach you see something that catches your eye. You decide to park the car and walk there. It turns out to be a flapping cloth. You walk towards it and see that the wind is making its own drawing. You keep watching fascinated and lose track of time. You become aware of the wind. How it feels on your skin and how it races past your ears. All the hustle and bustle of the day falls away from you. A blissful feeling spreads over your body. You are in the NOW.

    Drawinds makes the invisible visible.

    This drawing was made on Terschelling, but they can also be made at your own unique location as desired. Every wind, every place and every drawing is different. Ask about the possibilities by sending an email to

    Drawind - Vlieland

    Sales Tax Included

    Location: Beach Vlieland
    Date: 09-12-2022
    Weather: 2°, South West 4

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