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Business gifts & Christmas packages

Welcome to Atelier Karlijn Postma, where I create unique handmade ceramic works of art with passion and craftsmanship. My focus is on producing beautiful promotional gifts and tailor-made Christmas packages that radiate the warmth of artisanal creativity.

Why choose Atelier Karlijn Postma

Personal dedication

Every piece I create is imbued with personal dedication. I pay attention to the smallest details, making my ceramics not just a gift, but a work of art with a story

Personalized Christmas packages

Give your Christmas packages a personal touch by having them custom made. Add company logos, specific texts or even individual names for a festive gift that really stands out.

Unique promotional gifts

Make an impression with my unique handmade ceramics as a promotional gift. Whether it concerns a company anniversary or a special occasion, my artwork offers a special way to show appreciation.

Customized collaboration

I believe in close collaboration to bring your vision to life. Together we ensure that each piece perfectly matches the identity of your company.

My process

Advice conversation

Let's start with a no-obligation conversation to understand your wishes. Whether it concerns a promotional gift or Christmas gift, I want to ensure that the end result meets all your expectations.


Each piece is made by hand with love and craftsmanship. My commitment to quality guarantees not only an aesthetically pleasing result, but also durability and functionality.


With my experience as a ceramist, I will start designing your unique piece. Logos, texts or other personalized elements are effortlessly integrated into the ceramic.


You can rely on safe and timely delivery, directly from my studio to your company or desired locations.

Make your next gift a masterpiece with Atelier Karlijn Postma

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Business gifts & Christmas packages

I pride myself on offering more than just ceramics; I offer an experience that creates lasting memories. Let's create something extraordinary together. Contact me today for a no-obligation consultation. 

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