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Business gifts & Christmas packages

Ceramics brings art and craft together, resulting in unique handmade ceramic creations. My dedication to craftsmanship is reflected in beautiful corporate gifts and tailor-made Christmas packages that leave lasting impressions. Each piece tells a story of creativity and dedication, making my ceramics the ideal choice to reflect the creative soul of your company. Discover below how we can create something special together with personalized ceramics.

Wedding gifts

At Karlijn Postma it's all about capturing love and craft in unique handmade ceramics. As a maker and artist, I share my passion for craftsmanship by creating personalized ceramics, with which your wedding will leave an unforgettable impression. Explore the options below to discover beautiful handcrafted ceramics, with your names and the special date immortalized in each piece.

Online store

Discover a versatile mix of handmade art and thoughtfully designed products in my webshop, each with its own character and meaning. From artistic home accessories to functional design pieces; each item is infused with my love for aesthetics and craftsmanship.

Brette Hoanne SM-91.jpg


Everyone has a favorite coffee mug, tea cup, a beloved shopping bag or that one favorite shirt. But how these everyday products are made often fades into the background. And yet understanding the making process gives these items more emotional value. My workshops respond perfectly to this.

With my workshops I not only give you a look behind the scenes of the printing, ceramic or felt making process, but I make learning fun and awareness interesting. Together we explore how we handle products and discover the value of handmade items. The result of the workshop, self-made and handmade, therefore takes on special meaning and increased value. Not only is it fun, but it takes your creation to the next level!

Brette Hoanne SM-91.jpg
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